Pair of Jonesboro HS guards have the attention of division-1 coaches

HS Basketball: Jonesboro has a pair of guards to keep an eye on

Football season is about to start but Northeast Arkansas is also rich in basketball talent.

Friday Jonesboro Highs Desi Sills committed to Arkansas. Hurricane teammate Marquis Eaton has five different D-1 and looks to make a decision this fall.

"Marquis, once he figured out he had my trust he really blossomed, he just had a fantastic spring and summer and we are going to look to him to lead us all year long with the ball in his hands," Jonesboro basketball coach Wes Swift said.

"Des will probably be one of our leading scorers this year but he's also a guy when Marquis doesn't have the ball in his hands Desi is probably going to have it in his."

Sills is a just a junior, his AAU play this summer gained him a lot of attention, but once Arkansas offered the recruiting game was over.

"Because they play my play style, the fastest 40. I like to press, I like to get out on the break and it's not just that I like to run and play hardcore D and score the ball," Sills said.

3 off Sills AAU teammates are headed to Fayetteville too.

"It played a big factor because one of my best friends on there Reggie Perrry, that's like one of my roll-dogs, my partner so and I really like playing with him and all the others."

"Any chance you change your mind?

"No I don't want to change my mind. I love this school and I always wanted to go to Arkansas since I was a little kid so it's my dream school and I finally choose my goals."

A-State and Little Rock are two schools that have offered Eaton, but he doesn't want to rush his decision.

"I guess I'll just feel it, if I feel right, I'll just do it," Eaton said.

"Both of them can score the ball but both can set teammates up and make really good decisions when defense try to take away their scoring ability and that's going to be fun to coach this year," Swift added.

They make each other better.

"We want to compete, you don't always want to have the easy route so therefore we always get on different teams for a reason, we make better competition out of each other because we do want to win state this year, that's no doubt," Sills said.

"We compete so hard against each other, we get into the game it's easy. We don't hate on each other or nothing, if he going off, I'm going to feed him the ball. If I'm scoring he's going to feed me the ball, that's just how it is," Eaton said.