Kyle Clemons earns Gold, makes Jonesboro proud

Kyle Clemons earns Gold, makes Jonesboro proud

The Olympics are officially over, What will I remember.

American dominance on the basketball court, and in the swimming pool.

Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps racked up the medal count. Simone Biles and her teams had us glued to the TV when gymnastics came on.

But Kyle Clemons localized it for us in Northeast Arkansas.

He earned a gold medal, took to twitter to say thank you and show it off.

His family, gracious enough to let us in their home to watch Kyle do his part.

Watching a family get emotional, is something I'll remember the most, and it's certainly a moment his family will never forget.

"Such a sense of pride, just knowing the amount time and commitment he put into this, I'm beyond the moon right now. I'm just so proud of him and his accomplishments," Kyle's mom Valarie Hilson said.