Missing Bride Fakes Abduction

It apparently was a spur-of-the-moment decision to run off just days before her wedding.

A police spokesman says Jennifer Wilbanks was scared about her wedding which was scheduled for today, and took a bus from Georgia to Nevada, then New Mexico.

The 32 year old nurse then apparently ran out of money and called home.

An FBI Spokesman says Wilbanks decided to run away on the ``spur of the moment'' sometime after she allegedly went for an evening jog on Tuesday.

He says Wilbanks cut her hair so no one would recognize her, though she's given no sign she'd been watching news accounts about her disappearance.

The minister who was supposed to marry Wilbanks and John Mason says everyone is relieved that Wilbanks is safe and that Mason feels no hostility toward her.

A restaurant owner who gave out coffee and sandwiches to searchers says he's glad Wilbanks is ok but that it was ``selfish and self-centered'' of her to put her parents through such an ordeal.