Meet, Greet, Fast on your feet with A-State's Kyle Wilson

Meet, Greet, Fast on your feet with A-State's Kyle Wilson

A-State's Kyle Wilson was a mid year signee, participated in the spring workouts, impressed coaches.

He's a transfer from Hutchinson Kansas community college.

Enters his first season with the Red Wolves, has two years of eligibility left.

Let's get to know number 15 a little better with this week's Meet, Greet, Fast on Your Feet.

Favorite Childhood memory?
"Probably just playing outside with my three older brothers all the time, all day, every day."
Favorite sports memory?
Playing running back. I used to play a lot of running back in little league so probably just playing running back."
Best part about game-day?
"Pre-game, trying to get your mind right, just going into a game locking in."
Howling wolf sound
Pick-six or bone-crushing hit?
"Bone-crushing hit."
I-N-T or QB sack?
Luck Charms or Captain Crunch?
"Captain Crunch with berries."
Big truck or fast car?
"Big truck."
Necktie or bowtie?
Marvel or DC comics?
Stick shift or automatic?
Peanut bitter or Jelly?
Ketchup or mustard?
Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
"Peyton Manning."
Walk or run?
Text or call?
Funniest guy on the team?
"Dee Liner."
Best dresser on the team?
"Kendall Sanders."
One guy who talks too much?
"Oh man, Q Heath. (laughter)"
Best singer on the team?
"I don't know, but I heard Jamal Jones can sing pretty good."
You're off the hot seat.