A-State Football: Filling out the depth chart

A-State football: Finalizing the depth chart

We continue to count down to A-State's opening game.

We're down to single digits.

Nine days away.

The team begins game planning for the Toledo Rockets, but also filling out the depth chart.

Coach Anderson says about 90 percent is set, but still figuring out starters in a few spots and same with special teams.

"We're pretty close, still some guys battling one and two but they know they're in the mix and there's still a few on the bubble. We don't have to travel week one so we can have as many suited out as we want. We'll be traveling to Auburn, non-conference so there's no limit on how many we can play. I think the first test, real hard line as in terms of numbers is when we get on a plane to fly to Utah State, there's only so many we'll be able to take," Anderson said.