Arkansas Football: Mixing & Matching with the O-Line

Arkansas Football: More From Coach Bielema on the O-Line

Lets check in with the Razorbacks.

Heading into the season, the o-line was a question of concern. Some key players from last years team had to be replaced.

Hogs trying to mix and match. Late in fall camp some guys were moved to different spots but things looking  clearer with that group.

"They keep getting better at it. Colton, over there on the right side seems to be a little more comfortable than he was at left. Skip definitely looks better at left and Jake Raulerson, he's ambidextrous, he's playing right, left, tackle, guard, he's really been a nice asset, a good addition to the program," Arkansas Head Coach Bret Bielema said.

"In all my years of coaching, some guys just feel, and it's not even as simple as right hand, left hand dominant. Some guys just feel natural kick sliding to the right or left, really involves the rotation of your hips. Always have your open hip back, not to overly diagnose men's hips, but it seems to work."