A-State Defense getting ready for Toledo

A-State Defense getting ready for Toledo

A week from tonight A-State takes center stage against Toledo.

Four more practices left and a final final walk through before the big game.

A State began game planning for the Rockets this week,

In 2015 Toledo had A-States number. Beating the Red Wolves in the January Go Daddy Bowl and then winning once again later that fall in Toledo.

Defensive Coordinator Joe Cauthen gives us a better idea of what his defense is up against.

"Coach is the former offensive coordinator, they have the same offensive line back except they lost their center, they've got three backs back, one in particular we know is an NFL back, a big tight end back so their offensive coordinator now was the offensive coordinator at FAU last year and he did a lot of similar stuff that they do and we're pretty much thinking it will be similar to what we've seen then again they have new staff on offense, who knows what they'll be doing. We're trying to do as good a job as we can  by preparing for the unknown. Obviously they will give us something we have not seen before so we just have to make sure our IQ is high enough that we can adapt to that," Cauthen said.