Committee recommends police pay plan to move ahead

Council to look at proposed pay plan

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro finance committee passed a motion Monday to send the Jonesboro Police Department Pay Plan to the full city council for consideration.

The plan would increase officers base salaries and implement step raises for them to help them get to their mid-range and maximum salaries.

Councilman Darrel Dover questioned Chief Elliott on the number for roughly an hour before saying he wanted the committee to study the numbers before the plan goes before the full council.

That request drew groans from many officers in attendance at the meeting.

"I know we're a big city and I know we've got a lot of demands and there's lots of things out there that we want to do," said Councilman Mitch Johnson.  "However, you can pave the streets in gold, you can put an aquatic center on every corner, but if you don't have somebody to protect the citizens, number one they're not going to stay here and number two, they're not going to come here."

Councilman Reverend Dr. Charles Coleman moved that they forward the plan to the full city council and the finance committee unanimously agreed.

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