Doniphan Soldier Injured In Iraq

May 03, 2005 -- Posted at 9:30 P.M. CDT

Doniphan, MO -- "Just a good ol' Ripley County boy," said Sgt.Greg Crain's dad, David Crain.

David Crain got an unexpected call.

It was from his wife who never calls him at work.

This raised red flags instantly--he dreaded the news that followed.

"I knew something had happened to one of them. Of course, you naturally think the worst," said Crain.

He was right.

Crain has two sons in Iraq.

His son Gary's foot is severely hurt, and his body is badly cut and bruised from a suicide bomber.

"When I got to hear his voice and talk to him, well it made me feel a lot better......he said I'm going to be all right," said Crain.

Luckily his injuries aren't life threatening--dad says Greg is already talking about getting back to his comrades still in Iraq.

The Crain's other son serves in a company approximately 100 miles from Sergeant Greg Crain.

Mom and dad say they have gotten used to the restless nights filled with worry.

"You just learn to trust the Lord. As they grew up, well, the Lord took care of them, and he's still taking care of them," said Crain.

Displays of loyalty decorating the outside, mirror the loyalty that's on the inside, and overseas.