Police help save man's wedding anniversary

Paragould Wallet Theft Arrest
Ford's wallet falling from his pocket (Source: Paragould Police Department)
Ford's wallet falling from his pocket (Source: Paragould Police Department)
Oden picking up Ford's wallet and hiding it under his arm (Source: Paragould Police Department)
Oden picking up Ford's wallet and hiding it under his arm (Source: Paragould Police Department)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - In a real life "what would you do," one Paragould man failed the test and wound up in police custody.

It happened at a gas station on East Kingshighway in Paragould Thursday.

For BC Ford, aside from it being his wedding anniversary, the day started as normal as ever.

"It's crazy how it just unfolded," Ford said.

After cashing in some money from a job he'd been working the past few days, Ford stopped at the gas station to get a bag of ice and head back to work.

"I work outside all the time so it's hot," Ford said.

After paying for his things, Ford walked outside.

"My wallet fell out of my back pocket," Ford explained.

He never noticed. Unfortunately, someone else did.

In surveillance video from the store, you can see Ford's truck parked at the gas pump. As he's walking back toward it, Charles Ray Oden pulls into the pump right next to Ford's.

Surveillance video shows Oden get out of his car and walk toward the gas station. He spots Ford's wallet on the ground. Video shows that he takes it and slips it under his arm.

As for the money inside, Ford said some of it was planned for an anniversary dinner with his wife. The bulk of the money was planned for another important female in his life, his daughter. She's due in a month.

"I'm working on her nursery," Ford said. "Redoing some dressers and all that work, making it real pretty and redoing the ceiling crown."

Ford said because no one in his family has had a girl before, there aren't many hand-me-downs available and they have to buy her new clothes too.

Ford was less than a mile down the road from the gas station when he realized his wallet was missing. He went back to the store and asked everyone, including Oden, if they'd seen his wallet.

"I asked the guy to his face, and he lied to me! Knowing dang well that he took it," Ford said. "It made me so dadgum mad when I seen who it was. He was parked right next to me!"

Thankfully, police quickly identified Oden from the surveillance video and arrested him.

While at the police station, Ford spoke briefly with Oden. He let him know that his actions didn't just affect him.

"My boy, and our girl that's fixing to be here, and my wife," Ford said. "We use that for the house and food. I mean, you're taking food out of a kids mouth if you steal something like that."

Police charged Oden with misdemeanor theft because he hadn't yet used anything in the wallet.

He'll be in court on Oct. 3, 2016, just three days before Ford's daughter is due.

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