A-State's Kendall Sanders is thankful for a second chance

A-State's Kendall Sanders is thankful for a second chance

A-State kicks off their season tomorrow from inside the Vault.

Red Wolves taking on the Toledo Rockets.

The Defense should be ferocious, offense expected to be explosive.

Kendall Sanders could be a big play maker and is thankful for a second chance.

The senior transfer from the University of Texas received a lot of praise from Coach Anderson this fall camp.

Out of High school was an All-American.

The speedy receiver played two years for the longhorns, last being in 2013. He was third in reception and receiving yards that year.

But Sanders path has been a bumpy one.

He was accused of sexual assault and dismissed from the Longhorns team.

In 2014 was cleared of all charges.

Sanders  is grateful to have found a new home with A-State.

We recently caught up with Sanders for the first time this camp.

"Honestly the first game is me showing the staff and this entire school I am proud to be here," Sanders said.

"Just watching them practice, everybody was hungry. I see people out like now working on their game. I'm not used to that. My old school they was not like that, they were barely working out unless the coach said to work out. They want to work out on their own, they want to be great and that is the same thing I want."

"I learned to play receiver more. At first I was just an athlete but now I understand the coverages. I can actually run routes now."