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Newport, AR -- Lauren Payne Reports

Senator Mark Pryor Makes A Stop In Region 8

May 04, 2005 -- Posted at 9:30 P.M. CDT

Newport, AR -- "We're having people come in -- different senators, house members, coming to talk to us about social security and putting their ideas on the table," said Senator Mark Pryor.

Senator Pryor says Congress is still waiting on President Bush to come to them with a detailed plan on how to reform social security.

"I hope he'll do it, and I hope he'll do it soon," said Pryor.

Pryor also fielded questions from the audience about health care, it's another growing concern taking quite a bit of money out of Americans wallets--specifically the cost of prescription drugs.

He says every month about 1000 people go uninsured simply because they can't afford it.

"One reason health insurance for federal employees is so cheap is because it's such a big group and there is so many of them. What we're trying to do is come up with a way small businesses can group up in a big way, like the federal employees do," said Pryor.

Economic development for Northeast Arkansas was on the minds of people attending as well, and how to support the farming industry in Arkansas.

"Farm policy is very important to Arkansas and important to the nation. It's one of the few products we actually export. I mean, we export a lot of agriculture," said Pryor.

"Moving Jackson County Forward" sponsored tonight's meeting on the campus of ASU in Newport.

It's a group taking a proactive approach to planning for the future.

"To identify major avenues and endeavors that we want to accomplish for attracting industry, promoting education, and quality of life issues," said ASU Chancellor, Dr. Larry Williams.

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