A rescued dog will rescue others

Koda in Training
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A rescued dog will soon be rescuing others.

The owner and trainer of Blue Streak K9 Blake Bristow said he was contacted some time ago by Sgt. Larry Rogers with Jonesboro Animal Control.

He wanted to talk to Bristow about a chocolate lab named Koda.

"Several months ago Sgt. Rogers received a case about a chocolate lab that was extremely underweight and basically abused," Bristow said. "When we tested the dog, it showed pretty good potential for being some type of working dog. So after everything went through the court proceedings, we tested her and decided she was capable of being a work dog."

Bristow said they started with getting her healthy.

It took some time to get her weight up and she was scared of people.

Now, Koda is healthy and going through training.

"She's great," Bristow said. "She's just starting the Human Remains Detection Program. She's showing very promising signs to being a search and rescue dog here in Northeast Arkansas."

Bristow specializes in training animals for law enforcement.

"I'm primarily a police dog trainer," Bristow said. "That's what I specialize in. I also have a boarding facility located here in Jonesboro. And I also do some pet dog training for individuals."

Bristow said dogs are a great resource for law enforcement, but you have to find the right dog for the right job.

Bristow said when Koda completes her training, she'll be going to a special team.

"She's actually going to go to BARK Search and Recovery Team," Bristow said. "They are based here in Jonesboro. It was started by my father Michael and myself about seven or eight years ago. During that time, we've traveled all over Arkansas and Southeast Missouri with our current dogs looking for lost and missing people. We've also traveled to recover human remains for law enforcement agencies."

Bristow said the BARK Team is made up of volunteers.

"We have different K9s on our teams. We have ones that specialize in human remains. We have bloodhounds that can trail for missing kids or lost elderly people or even criminals. But that team is all volunteer work. It's guys that work forty or sixty hours a week and then volunteer their time to go out and search for Northeast Arkansas," Bristow said.

All of Koda's training is being donated at no cost.

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