Region 8 Nurse of the Year Doesn't Work in Hospital

May 6, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Paragould, AR--Susan Holifield is the 2005 Nurse of the Year.  Holifield works at theGreen County Tech Junior High School.  She says she is surprised by the award and just happy to be able to represent nurses each year.


“I am just accepting this award on behalf of all nurses across the region.”  Holifield said.  “We are just lucky to work in one of the greatest professions there is.”


Holifield did talk about the shortage of nurses currently across the area.  Saying “anyone out there who is even remotely interested should try to become a nurse.”  She says you would not be sorry.


Each day Holifield says she doesn’t know what to expect.  “Some days I just have fifty students throughout the school day, but during flu season I can have up to one hundred fifty kids coming through those doors.”


When asked about why she has chosen to stay at the local junior high instead of taking higher pay in the private sector she quickly replied, "I love children and this is a great thing for me there are so many things here which fulfills my life."