Arkansas State University students are changing lives

Arkansas State University students are changing lives

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students at Arkansas State University are "making a statement".

This week students will raise money for a variety of organizations as a part of Make A Statement week.

Erin Langley is the Volunteer A-State American Red Cross Chairperson. She said their volunteer organization will be making a difference in a lot of different ways.

"We're spending the entire week just giving back in various aspects," Langley said. "Each day we have a different focus. Today, we are having the Bliss Fundraiser Night benefiting the United Way of Northeast Arkansas."

Coordinator for Student Services at A-State Katey Provence said A-State volunteers are going to be everywhere.

"The students came up with this a couple of years ago," Provence said. "To spend a week focused on community service and random acts of kindness. And this week has grown into something we never could have imagined. It's going to be awesome because they have thrown in so many different aspects of service projects, a random acts of kindness day and different benefit nights to help out different agencies in the community."

Langley said she came to college with the plan of helping others.

"I came into college wanting to give back," Langley said. "I wanted to make a difference. That was my number one goal coming to school. Because I've seen firsthand how giving back can affect everyone else. When you give yourself into service, that's the best thing that can ever happen because not only are you helping others, it's also the best way to spend your time. And so, I really feel that college students coming in and being a part of this and taking part, it's just incredible to me to see the effect and to see how grateful people are. And to see how one small action can change the world."

"The students get an amazing feeling out of volunteering and giving their time," Provence said. "They always walk away with a smile. Sometimes they walk away with a new friend they had never met before. And so, that's what I like to see is them finding new friends and making new connections. Also, really learning that serving is part of life. They're going to do that throughout their life once they're in college."

Something new they're doing this year is a "food fight" with another university!

"What we're really excited about is we're having the first ever Food Fight with UCA," Langley said. "This Food Fight is a collaboration with the game we'll be having with them this weekend. The ASU/UCA game. Both ASU and UCA have been collecting food and at the end of the week we're going to tally in and see how much we've all collected and whomever has the most wins the Food Fight. And all of it goes to our perspective food pantries."

A-State students will be at Bliss cupcakes in Jonesboro on Monday, Sept. 19 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 20 they'll be partnering with Newk's in Jonesboro to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Wednesday, Sept.30, students will be at the Local Culture in Jonesboro trying to help City Youth Ministries.

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