Trail updates continue at Craighead Forest Park

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(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There is a flurry of activity underway at Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro.

Construction has started on phase two of the walking trail.

The walking trail is used for running, biking and walking.

Phase two of this project starts at access five, where phase one started, and extends to the entrance of the lake.

Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Director Wixson Huffstetler said people will see many of the same things on this new section as on the current trail already in use.

"It'll have the workout equipment," Huffstetler said. "There will be four or five stations on this. We'll have to add one station on the back side once the road is complete. But the majority of it will be done and this will get you all the way around the park except for less than a half of a mile."

Huffstetler said this second phase will also include a bridge.

He said the current trail is getting a lot of use.

"The outlook of the trail has been great," Huffstetler said. "There's been nothing but a positive impact out here. People are loving the workout equipment. So, it's been a great project for the community of Jonesboro and we really look forward to getting this thing completed."

Huffstetler said work on the second phase should be completed quickly.

"There's not as much construction in this phase as there was in phase one," Huffstetler said. "Phase one was a much longer section with dense areas. This area is not as dense so it's coming along great."

Huffstetler said there was an important reason to get the work done as quickly as possible.

"They're doing a great job so far and moving very quick," Huffstetler said. "Obviously, the goal is to be done by the end of the year. But we really want to be done before the bad weather sets in for winter. So, we're trying to take advantage of this dry weather."

Huffstetler said once work on the trail is finished they'll need to put in a new road.

"The trail itself will be complete," Huffstetler said. "We have to build a new road on the back side of the dam for the standards of staying away from the dam. So, the actual road back there will become the trail, once the new road is built. So, we'll do that in 2017 and the whole project will be complete."

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