New food labels make information easier to find

Serving up the facts

(KAIT) - The Facts up Front labels are supposed to be a quick and easy way to see ingredient icons on food labels.

Manufacturers are not required to put those labels on their products and some moms want to know why.

"Two of my boys have severe, severe food allergies," said Suzanne Chan, a supporter of the labels. "They have a lot of nutritional deficiencies, and I'm always trying to figure out the right balance."

The labels are part of an initiative with Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute.

"There's over 100 brands that are already using it," said GMA Registered Dietitian Kim Kirchherr. "So, a store brand like IGA, or a national brand, across the country you can see these. It's a voluntary program and it can be found in any grocery store across the country."

The Center for Science in the Public Interest said the labels are just a marketing tool.

The FDA wants to come up with another easy system.

While the FDA monitors the changes, the GMA is content with the current progress.

"Knowledge is power and this brings information that people are used to from the nutrition facts panel right to the front of the package," said Kirchherr.

For Chan, she just wants to see the information up front and easy for everyone.

For more information on the Facts Up Front labels, visit their website here.

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