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Jonesboro, AR--Tiffany Blankenship Reports

Mother's Day at Indian Mall

May 8, 2005--Posted at 10:00 p.m.

JONESBORO-- We caught up with a few families today allowing moms do what a lot of them say they love to do best ... Shop.

"We're just out celebrating my wife. She's a mother as you can see," Nathan Wooley says.

But even shopping couldn't take away this mom's glory.

"I'm a good wife and good mother and I know it," Jennifer Wooley says.

Then I caught up with this kid who just couldn't wait to tell us about what he did for his mom.

"I went out and ate with her for lunch. I got her some flowers and a card." Davey Webb says.

He was just too cool to bring her along to the mall, but he did get to taunt her a little.

"I'm serious. I'm in the middle of Indian mall talking' to Tiffany Blankenship about Mother's Day and you're not here," Webb says to his mother over his cell phone.

This little one was quick to tell us about her gift.

"I got her a flower," Masie Hall says.


"Because I love her," Masie says.

And to her mom it means the world.

" It means a lot my mom passed away about six years ago and i miss her very much," Misty Hall says.

And this mom pretty much sums this day up ...

"It's just a time to reflect back on how grateful I am to have my babies, and hopefully remind them how grateful they are to have a good mommy," Kimberly Roberts says.

Oh, they're reminded, that's why she got a special gift...

"It's a little... A little light green card that says happy mother's day on it," Gerrell Roberts says.

And it only took him a second to recall why he spent so much time creating it.

"It's because she does lots of really great stuff for us," Gerrell says.

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