Two-by-Four Bandit Swipes Register

May 3, 2005 -- Posted at 6:00 PM

JONESBORO We like doing Crimestoppers around here ... But this one's been the talk of the newsroom all day. I just have to say, this is the greatest Crimestoppers ever!

It happened last Saturday at Bill's Fresh Market Express on South Stadium. The suspect robs the store with a 2x4! I'm not kidding. Our suspect is already in the store...we'll call him the Shadow because of the ski mask and black sheet he's wearing.

He's confronted by the clerk, who was mopping the floor ... Now, it turns into a duel ... The clerk doesn't back down fro the man in black .... Poking at him with the mop while the Shadow just beats the tar out o the cash register. The Shadow knocks the register to the floor and the clerk stil doesn't back down ... Taking hi on until the shadow blows past him ... Picking up the register and running out the door with the register tape trailing behind. The register only had about $20 in but it was worth about $2500

If you know who the stick-carrying suspect is, call Crimestoppers 935-STOP. No one will ask your name and if your tip can shed a little ligh on the identity of the Shadow ... It s worth cash.

After that, the stamp seems kind of dull. We introduced you to Connie Bomer last week .... Tonight, she's back ... With the stamp. We ran Jeffery McGinnis in apri of 2004. Now, we can check him off our list ... Because he's gettin the stamp .

This week s featured pair is good for almost 30 warrants. Randy Irvine goes first ... He has 3 fail to appear, 3 non payment of fines, and 11 hot check warrants. He is also wanted in Searcy, Poinsett county, Lonoke county and in Bald Knob. Thomas Williams is only wanted in one town. Jonesboro police have him for 11 non payment of fines warrants. If you know where police can find Randy Irvine or Thomas Williams ... You can let them know safely and anonymously ...

Call Crimestoppers right now, 935-STOP or toll free, 888-566-STOP. Your call is not recorded, no one will ask your name. Just tell em what you know, it could be worth cash. And rmember, when you see crime call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP