Parkin Resident Volunteers To Protect Children

May 09, 2005 -- Posted at 9:00 p.m. CDT

Parkin, AR -- Isaac Johnson is a volunteer crossing guard for the Parkin Police Department.

"I'm here everyday, unless I have to go to the doctor," said Johnson.

He's there morning and afternoon slowing traffic so that the children can safely cross the busy street.

"Small kids, when they start across the street, that's it......they are gone across the street. It's kind of hard to regulate the kids....especially the small ones," said Johnson.

Johnson, the school superintendent, and city officials are working together to protect the safety of the students.

"We would love to have the speed limit down to twenty so that when I put the crosswalk sign out, they will stop. If they run at 30 mph, it's kind of hard for them to stop," said Johnson.

80 percent of the students at the school walk to and from school everyday.

He says they're taking action before tragedy strikes in their district.

"........because if we don't do anything now, it's too late to say uh-ho," said Johnson.

Parkin Superintendent, Sylvia Moore, said by telephone this afternoon, she is talking with the state highway department about what actions can be taken help protect her students.

As for Isaac Johnson, he says, if nothing else, this can raise awareness about children's safety in the area.