Mopinator's Identity Revealed

Sometimes a knick-name really sticks. They are calling him the Mopinator, aka 'that guy with the mop who took on that other guy with the stick.'

By now, you've seen the video. A cloaked and masked robber enters a Jonesboro convenience store armed with a 2x4. The clerk, who was mopping the floor isn't about to give up the register. So, the two duel. It ran on Crimestoppers last week, and since it's gone national. Both Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel have shown it.

Tonight, we give away the Mopinator's secret identity. His name is Lucas Jenkins.

We, and Lucas have had a little fun with this story but we don't want to lose sight of what could have happened here. Every law enforcement person you talk to says Lucas was lucky. If you are ever in a situation where you are threatened for your money give it to 'em. A little cash is not worth the risk.

A final note to this story.  The guy who robbed Bill's Fresh Market Express is still on the loose. If you know who he is, call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP. If your tip leads to an arrest it's worth cash.