White County Deputies Storm Wrong House on Federal Warrant

MAY 10, 2005 - Posted at 8:03 a.m. CDT

SEARCY, AR - Authorities say more than ten sheriff's deputies from White and Prarie counties trying to make a federal weapons arrest stormed the wrong home.  They ended up in the home of a Searcy police officer.

Searcy officer Ann Owens said she's upset at the mistake and doesn't think there should have been any confusion between her house and the address the deputies needed.

Lieutenant John Slater of the White County Sheriff's Department said the county officers couldn't find the right address and a neighbor mistakenly pointed them to Owens' house.  The officers were seeking out the home of Richard Attaway to arrest him on federal weapons and explosives charges.

The deputies stormed the home through an unlocked door and saw a picture of Owens and her family.  Slater says deputies pulled back at that point.  Police say the mistake happened during a Friday raid.

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