A Better Region 8: Don't be a distracted driver!

A Better Region 8: Don't be a distracted driver!

You've seen it in traffic.  That car going a few miles an hour under the speed limit and having trouble staying in its lane.  When you pull past them, you see it.

Some try to hide the cell phone down low as if hiding it fools us.  Others have it up high and are typing away. We've all seen it, and it's something all of us have done, even me.

Sometimes we think it's safer at a red light so we pick up our phone. Then, whatever was so important isn't over when the light turns green.

We continue trying to text or pay attention to something on social media instead of being a responsible driver.

And, just like that, we are putting other people and ourselves in serious danger.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, at 55 miles per hour, the average text takes your eyes off the road long enough to cover a football field.

Remember, our loved ones are on the roads and our kids playing in our neighborhoods.

Weigh the gain of a text or a social media update with the potential of loss of life, and it's easy to see what we all need to do about it.

Country music singer Kenny Chesney put it so well when he said: "My mind is constantly going. For me to completely relax, I gotta get rid of my cell phone."

Use your time in the car to turn off your phone and be in the moment. It will help you relax and make you a safer, more focused driver.

It will also set an example for the people around you, and will go a long way to making this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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