Neighbors Saying 'No' to Drug Dealers

March 10, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Newport, AR--It’s a quiet neighborhood where you can raise your child, and residents inNewport say they want to make sure their neighborhood stays that way.  That is why residents on the north side of town are dawning signs on their front lawns saying they do not want drug dealers living in their neighborhood.

Neighbors say the fuss all began when Marcus and Angela Hendrix moved into their neighborhood.  Angela at the time was a respected local pharmacist, but neighbors say they brought with them late night parties and heavy traffic.  In February police visited the Hendrix home arresting both Marcus and Angela on Meth charges.

Since that time both Marcus and Angela have bonded out of jail, but Marcus is now back in jail because of rape charges filed against him over the past month.  Neighbors say the couple, even after being arrested in February, was noisy and continued to party.  Police say they cannot confirm or deny these reports but confirm Marcus is still in jail on charges of raping his first cousin.

Neighbors say they can not keep quite anymore because they are concerned about their safety.  They say if the Hendrix’s are still in the drug trade they would be endangering the entire neighborhood.

Over the weekend all signs concerning drug dealers were torn down, but neighbors say not to worry they are already in the process of making more.