FFN Big Game Preview: Newport Greyhounds

FFN Big Game Preview: Newport Greyhounds

Newport at Walnut Ridge is our game of the week.

Newport is coming off a tough season, but it hasn't slowed them down.

Cody Crutchfield has more on how the Greyhounds have turns things around.

"2-8 is not what we are going to be," Newport Head Coach Mark Hindsley said.

"That 2-8 season we had last year. "

"You can look at our board and 2-8 is not something we do here."

Last season was not a normal one for the greyhounds to say the least.

"When you show the kids that's not what you need to become. Having one bad year you can possibly live through. Two bad years you can't. So getting the kids to buy in on that's not what we do here and getting them to believe in just being competitive."

Well so far so good for the greyhounds, four games in and they've already surpassed their win totals for last season.

"We worked hard throughout the off-season with the mentality that we wanted to be a better team than last season and going to this conference and sending a message," Newport junior fullback Oshae Pruitt said.

But now they face a tough walnut ridge team this Friday for our game of the week.

"They are 4-0, they're off to a great start. I don't care who you play or what you do, 4-0 takes a lot of good things happening. 
Newport will have another opportunity to bring that winning tradition back," Hindsley said.

Cody Crutchfield, Region 8 Sports.