Blake Anderson defends his OC

Life of a coach is a tough one: Anderson defends his OC

Coaching is a tough business.

Four Weeks in LSU fired head Coach Les Miles, Notre Dame parted ways with their defensive coordinator after a 1-3 start.

When their team loses, it hurts. If you loOK at their body language you'd think someone died.

College football for a lot of people is a way of life.

It becomes a religion.

They are wrapped up in  it.

Sometimes fans can be hurtful expressing themselves through social media.

They want someone to blame.

Some A-State fans want to point the finger at offensive coordinator Buster Faulkner after Saturday's loss to Central Arkansas.

"There's plenty of fault and I know everyone wants it to be Buster's fault, it's not just his. Nobody is harder on himself than him. I tend to believe you give a guy a job and you let him work at doing it and that is what we are trying to do but this is not a Buster Faulkner only issue. There is plenty of fault, you watch the tape, there's a lot of dudes that need to play better," Blake Anderson said.

The weather has been nice wish we could say four games in it's been a ray of sunshine when talking A-State football.

Red Wolves 0-4

Sports Director Jason Hurst joins us now. Jason is there finger pointing going on?

At today's presser Coach Anderson said they are sticking together and still believe.

But the life of a  coach is not easy.

Fans love you when you win. And at times some, not so nice.

Following the Red Wolves loss some fans did not hold back on their displeasure of an 0-4 start.

"There is nothing easy about your wife and kids having to read how terrible you are on social media and in the paper. There's really no good way to explain when you are walking off with your wife and there's people cussing you and telling you how awful you are, but it's the life we live and my response is to cling to my faith and to cling to my family."

Last fall, A-State won a Sun Belt title.

But 4 games in, Red Wolves are winless. Last time that happened was 2001.

Before we went to commercial break we heard from Coach Anderson.

He understands fans love you when you win. Can be harsh when you lose.

But there are plenty that have shown love even during these hard times.

Some fans took to social media looking for someone to blame and began pointing fingers at offensive coordinator Buster Faulkner.

But Anderson quickly came to his defense.

"All the people that have called over the last few days and text, sent messages, people I really believe are all in that's why it means so much that those people step up and say they will stick with you. It hurts me a lot more when it's about people on my staff because those are family to me. I am perfectly fine when it comes to me, I've got big boy pants on I'm ok. I knew what I was getting into when I became a head coach. They can yell at me all they want but when they go at my players and my coaches and my family, that;s where I draw the line."

"Do I like answering those questions, no, but it comes with the job, it's just the life we live.
We knew that when we signed up for it. I have to help him through it, be as much help as I can to help him through this to get to our ability level.

Beating him up, joining the party, beating him up. I have to see where I can make him better, and that's what I'm trying to do."