A-State Football: Looking for a team leader to step up

A-State Football looking for someone to step up and be a leader

A-State football may be 0-4 but they still believe they are a good team.

The glass is half full. Their record in conference play 0-0.

But who's the guy to lead the charge.

Sunday there was a players only meeting.

In Saturday's post game Blake Mack said guys have to stop playing as individuals.

On media day Cody Brown told me being vocal is something he's had to work at.

He's not the only player who is reserve in personality.

In years past it was easier to point out the vocal guy.

So who's going to lead the charge on turning things around.

"We lost some very solid leadership in Gris, JD, and Fredi and not sure we found that guy. Part of that is looking for a quarterback, part of that is having a young, inexperienced quarterback. And the fact some of your guys that should be leaders, it's just not their personality to be vocal," A-State Head Football Coach Blake Anderson said.

"Fredi was a leader on this team and we miss him. A bunch and no one has stepped up to fulfill that role as the bell cow of our team and hopefully somebody will do that and do that soon," A-State Defensive Coordinator Joe Cauthen said.