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Jonesboro, AR--Tiffany Blankenship Reports

Jonesboro's New Mayor is "Building for the Future"

May 10, 2005--Posted at 6:30 CDT

JONESBORO-- The city's new mayor is "Building for the Future" ... Using community leaders as building blocks.

Mayor Formon says he wanted to take a new approach to planning for the future.

In his opinion, this is fitting for a new mayor who really wants to discover the needs of the city, and according to his administration, he has been right on top of things. Mayor Formon recently completed his first one hundred days in office and his administration says they admire his ambition.

City Director of Community and Economic Development Paul Copeland says, "He's very energetic and has lots of ideas and keeps us very busy with ideas that he has."

"It's been busy. There have been days when the tail has been wagging the dog," Mayor Formon says.

But the mayor isn't doing his job alone, in fact, today he decided to initiate a new way of planning -- one that involves business, church and community leaders from within and outside the City of Jonesboro. The goal ...

"To bring them in and see what they're providing for the city now, what they'd like for the city to maybe provide for them and maybe us all meet in the middle and see what exactly we can do to make Jonesboro a better place," Mayor Formon says.

Over 200 people looked on as speakers addressed issues like housing, transportation, social services and economic development.

The mayor says it was a chance to look beyond the knowledge of his administration.

"We didn't let our paradymes take control and we think we know what we need and we really don't. We wanted to let someone else tell us what we need to have," Mayor Formon says.

A perfect opportunity for a new mayor to make new changes, "Building for the Future."

"We are trying to have everyone really stop and take a look at what they're doing, what areas they're covering and hopefully we can revert some of these agencies that are duplicating services to an area that's not being met," Copeland says.

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