FFN Preview: Walnut Ridge preps for the Big Game of the Week

FFN Preview: Walnut Ridge preps for Big Game of the Week

Big game of the week.

Newport at Walnut Ridge.

Points could be hard to come by.

In Class 3A, Newport has the leagues best scoring defense and right behind them at number two, is Walnut Ridge.

Yesterday we checked in with the Greyhounds. time to learn more about the Bobcats.


Lock down.

Frosty, We're always on our toes.

We respect everybody but when we come out on Friday night we truly think we are better than everybody.

A lot of people don't respect us at all, but they are going to come in and respect us after the game.

We have that swagger, that's how we are and go everytime we have to.

The Bobcats take the field with that hard hat, lunchpail mentality.

The defense has always been a problem and we are actually playing good defense and I think you and I were still laughing about me saying this year I won't apologize for the defense.

Coach, no apologies needed, teams are only scoring 8 points a game against you,

We have a very sound defense, we are taking credit for that and we love that.

These kids run to the ball and they run with a purpose.

I'm small in stature, won't outsize anybody but I can know what they are going to do so I make sure I watch and study up and make sure I can get myself in the right position to be successful.

When I see whoever has the ball really I just go after that with all I can with no mercy,

On offense they are just as unforgiving. Good luck in trying to tackle Luke Harper. He's third in the state in rushiing, second in touchdowns.

Puts his head down and runs over you, runs around you, stiff arms you.
Every time before I get the ball I tell myself I'm not going down when I get this ball, I'm not going to be stopped."