GCT School Board undergoing new dyslexia training

GCT School Board undergoing new dyslexia training

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Greene County Tech School District is pushing for new dyslexia training for its teachers.

The school board will host a meeting Thursday night.

On the agenda, funding to provide the Shelton dyslexia training to 11 GCT teachers.

Superintendent Gene Weeks said this is the first time the district is using the Shelton training and since the cost exceeds $10,000 to train the group of teachers, the school board will have to approve the funding.

"It's based on alphabetic phonics and provides direct systematic, multi-sensory approach to target those interventions for the children who suffer from the markers of dyslexia," said Holly Stokes, a dyslexia Instructor. "Multi-sensory means we're going to engage all their senses when we're giving them instruction."

The training, offered through Crowley's Ridge Educational Service Cooperative in Harrisburg, gives teachers hands-on, interactive training on the Shelton method.

Stokes said the group of teachers are currently in their first year of training and will undergo additional training throughout the year as well as therapy level training in their second year.

"Those children need that extra help in attaining those skills that they're weak at," Stokes said. "They need help learning to decode words, and learning to comprehend what they're reading, and they need those intervention strategies and skills in order to be successful."

Stokes explained Arkansas teachers are required to have dyslexia training under their professional development but the group of teachers undergoing training for the Shelton method will become certified instructors and will be able to provide interventions to the students who have identified markers of dyslexia.

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