Partners with DHS in crucial need for foster care beds

Foster families in need of beds
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As more children make their way into foster care in Region 8, partners with DHS said they are in crucial need of beds for foster homes.

Nicole Potts with Christians 4 Kids said there are more children in the system now than ever.

"As of September 20, there are 5,196 children in foster care in Arkansas," Potts said. "There's 1,206 kids in the Region 8 area."

Newborns are going into the state's care right out of the hospital, leaving a shortage of bassinets.

Potts said it's not just babies who are in need of a bed.

Caleigh Romine, who works closely with DHS and Christians 4 Kids, said they need all types of beds.

"We need baby beds, twin beds, bunk beds," Romine said.

Christians 4 Kids supplies foster parents with beds that are suitable for the child's age.

When they do not have any available to give to foster families, it affects children who need to be placed in a home.

Romine, a foster parent herself, knows how important it is for foster families to have beds prepared at any time of the day.

"If you are an open foster home and you're able to take a newborn or a child from the hospital or even the child under the age of one and you don't have a bed for that child, you are not permitted to take that child without the bed," Romine said.

Christians 4 Kids is asking for any bed donations for foster families.

"They can be new or gently used and in good shape," Romine said.

Anyone interested in donating can email the group at

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