Sheriff's deputy mows elderly woman's yard on duty

GCSD Mows Woman's Yard
(Source: Greene County Sheriff's Department)
(Source: Greene County Sheriff's Department)

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A Greene County Sheriff's Department deputy got caught doing something nice for an elderly woman while he was on duty Thursday.

That woman, 85-year-old Sadie Toler, said she was born in the cotton patch and always working outside.

She said she has always done and fixed things on her own but this particular day she was grateful to have a little help.

"He just come up here and stopped and didn't say nothing," Toler said. "He got out. Big old healthy looking guy. He just looks wonderful."

Toler was trying to push her mower uphill when Deputy John Jenkins saw she could use some help.

"Well if you want me to, I don't care I'll help you," Toler said Jenkins told her. "I said, 'I ain't gone make you but I know you can do it better than I can.'"

Jenkins jumped into action.

"I said now if you get tired you quit, but he didn't get tired he stayed right in there," said Toler. He was really sweating when he got through. I felt sorry for him. I said I'll pay you for this because I can't do it by myself. I need some help on this."

Jenkins told Toler that he was not leaving her yard until he finished free of charge.

"He went from there all the way down with that push mower and he worked hard," Toler said. "I thought he was the sweetest thing and I thought, my goodness, I didn't think they had to work hard like I do but he did. He worked hard and he sweated up a storm."

Toler was thankful and very persistent about paying Jenkins back for doing something out of the goodness of his heart.

"I told him I said, 'next time you're out here I am going to fix you a big dinner and we are going to have a big dinner together,'" Toler said.

Toler said Deputy Jenkins eventually agreed to come to dinner whenever he has time.

He wanted to stress to everyone that it was all about helping someone in need and he encourages everyone to help someone whenever the time comes.

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