Mom-to-be reports two men tried to rape her

Mom-to-be reports two men tried to rape her

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A pregnant Jonesboro woman told police two men first tried to break into her car; then they tried to rape her.

The 28-year-old victim told police she was getting ready for bed Saturday early morning when she heard a noise outside her home in the 2900-block of Fairview.

The woman went outside to see what was happening and saw two men attempting to break into her vehicle, the initial incident report stated.

The victim said she began yelling for her boyfriend inside the house, but he was asleep.

She said the shorter of the two suspects forced her to the ground and ripped open her shirt and bra, exposing her breasts. She said the taller man ripped open her shorts, exposing her genitalia.

The woman, who is several weeks pregnant, said the second man then attempted to rape her, but she fought him off.

She said the man then "slammed her head into the rocks and hit her in the face." As she continued to scream for help, the men ran off.

The woman was able to get back into the home and wake up her boyfriend who called the police. An ambulance crew took the woman to a local hospital for treatment.

Officer Bryan Davis reported the woman had "several scrapes and scratches on [her] person." He also stated her shirt and bra had both been ripped open down the center, and her shorts had been ripped in the back.

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