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Lepanto, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

Neighbors Put Up Signs as Warning to Thieves

May 11, 2005--Posted 7:00 pm CDT


Lepanto, AR--Another Region 8 Neighborhood is letting signs on their front yard do the talking for them.  In Lepanto, residents say some local youth are terrorizing their neighborhood.  They say they have caught the kids rubbing raw meat on their vehicles, peeping through windows, siphoning motor fuel, and taking things that is not theirs.  The problem is compounded they say by the kids being minors.


These concerns were recently brought up at a city council meeting.  Since then residents say things have gotten slightly better as the police have clamped down on the kids late at night, but they say they still have to stay up watching over things.


Lepanto Police Chief Raymond Oakes says he is aware of the problem.  He says there is a curfew in place and that he and his men enforce the law.  He says the first offense they simply take the child back to his home, but after that they ticket the parents and the child breaking curfew.


There is a possibility that the city council along with the mayor could begin looking at pushing curfew up to ten o’clock for minors under the age of 16 during the next city council.


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