Piggott Football still undefeated

Piggott football undefeated on the season

On the High School gridiron, Piggott has caught our attention.

So far it's been a season to remember, but they hope the party is just getting started.

Piggott is 5-0 for the first time since 1991.
"It's special, great feeling, walk around town, everybody says hi to you," Piggott senior tight end/defensive end Bret Fuller said.

"Everywhere you go, everyone knows you and who you are and congratulate you and tell you good luck," Piggott junior running back/Linebacker Cade Harrell said.

Beat Rivercrest for the first time ever, took 23 tries.

"It was awesome, we were all crying and hugging each other," Fuller said.

"I was born and raised here so I know what it's like to be hungry for some good football and it's been a ride you know, and to see the town finally getting fed some good football feels good," Piggott Head Football Coach Michael Harrell said.

But if you get caught up in the moment, it can vanish as quickly as it arrived.

"As far as keeping everything grounded, we are good about that. We don't get too high and we're not just jumping up and down because we are five and oh. We were 4-0 last year and finished 6-4 and that really humbled me, humbled all of us," Coach Harrell said.

But the winning mentality started long before last season.

"We are used to winning in junior high so we just bring that winning attitude up here, it's not much different," Cade Harrell said.

And they've bought in. To do something special they know it's going to take everyone on the team.

"There is not much difference between our number one guy and our thirtieth guy and these guys are playing as a single unit right now with one heartbeat," Coach Harrell said.

"Last year of course we had the one big running back. Everybody kind of centered around him and what he could do. If he had an off game, we all had an off game. Like Coach said , we are twelve deep at running back and they can all play so that just makes it all more special when you gt a carry. You make it the best," Piggott senior running back Justin Goding said.