Petitioners want to stop alcohol sales at convenience store

Petition Against Greene County Store
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GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Old Country Store between Bono and Sedgwick on Highway 63 was granted a permit to sell alcohol, but now, some people want to see that change.

Last year, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board granted the permit after the owners met all of the requirements behind their operation.

Since then, a group out of Craighead County started a petition to take alcohol off their shelves.

Co-owner Bobby Macom said they want people to know that they are not a liquor store whatsoever and they sell other items such as candy, food, and other groceries.

"We are a convenience store with a BBQ restaurant," Macom said. "We just happen to have a full selection of beer and wine.

Macom said they feel they are a family-friendly store that fills many needs of their customers, but without alcohol sales, they would be closed down in two weeks.

"Every business that has started here has closed down because they did not have an anchor," Macom said. " Beer and wine are our anchor that keeps us going."

Several customers told Region 8 News that they too feel that having this kind of store in the area is a beneficial thing.

"It's great," said Ryan Burns, an Old Country Store customer. "It usually saves me a few miles because I go once a week so, you know, it is helping me a lot. I'm pretty sure it helps several of my friends a lot as well."

Co-owner Don Nicholas said the Old Country Store is a way to keep taxpayer dollars in their area.

"That's tax dollars that can stay in our area and help us grow economically," Nicholas said.

He said other than the petition that's circulating, he feels the community appreciates them.

"We plan to be here a long time," Nicholas said. "We appreciate the support we've had and as you can see we are very well supported and we appreciate it."

Nicholas said they plan to add a gas station to better meet their customers' needs.

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