Explosives fail to bring down 93-year-old Arkansas bridge

Explosives fail to bring down 93-year-old Arkansas bridge

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - It turns out a 93-year-old bridge deemed structurally deficient isn't so weak after all.

Demolition crews triggered explosives Tuesday to bring down the Broadway Bridge between Little Rock and North Little Rock, but the structure's arch and bridge deck remained upright.

Arkansas highway department spokesman Danny Straessle says the blasts weakened the bridge, but that workers will likely have to find some "mechanical" means to complete the job. Crews have floated a crane into place near the structure and plan to hoist a worker into the air to inspect the blasts' impact.

The detonations were supposed to sever the steel arch and bridge deck and cause a controlled collapse. Three other implosions are planned during a six-month period to bring down the old bridge and put up a new one.

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