Local Rural Schools Not Adequate According to New Study

May 12, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Poinsett Co., AR--A new study by theWashington D.C. based Rural School and Community Trust says Arkansas is failing when it comes to providing for rural school children.  The group, which also opposed school consolidations last year, says Arkansas is ranked seventh overall when it comes to rural kids needs.


The study says inadequate spending and low graduation rates are most responsible for the state’s high ranking.  Local rural officials say they were aware of the study, but say if they had to give out a grade for the study it would be an ‘I’ for incomplete.


"The study is a little bit misleading." According to East Poinsett County Superintendent Micky Pierce, "They are using data which is over a year old and this years test scores are not used."


Pierce and other superintendents in the area said these studies will have more weight over the next year when the snapshot of schools after consolidation fully develops.