Mark Martin: Behind the Scenes

May 12, 2005 - Posted at 6:55 PM

TALLADEGA, Ala. --You may know that this will be Mark Martin's last season on the Nextel Cup circuit.

What you may not know - Is that Mark has no plans to stop racing. However, time at the track is just one of the many possibilities for Mark in 2006.

At Talladega, I asked Mark if he thought he'd be emotional when he climbed out of his Nextel Cup  for last time. He said "no," saying he's got so many things going on, that 2006 might be just as busy as this year.

No matter where or when or what Mark races his loyal fan base are sure to follow.  His professionalism and battles on the race track are inspirations to many of his fans.

Fans such as Chris Kopet facing a personal battle with leukemia.

Chris recently met with his favorite NASCAR driver in Talladega. Click on segment #4 to hear Chris's story.