Great Dane Dispute Resolved

May 12, 2005--Posted at 10:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-- A dispute with one of Jonesboro's largest employers is resolved.

According to Great Dane workers, nearly 50 Hispanic employees who walked off the job on Tuesday have decided to return.

Job applicant Steve Wallace says, "I came to take advantage of the job opportunities that opened up because of the difficulty they're having but they're not taking applications right now."
It was a dispute or confusion that was settled in a short meeting this afternoon.
"You're talking about people that are really enthusiastic about making a better pay check and getting to a place where they can establish themselves," Wallace says.
And according to Benjamin Sanchez a translator at todays meeting, it's a language barrier for these Spanish speaking employees that caused most of the confusion.
"There was mainly confusion. They were worried about the requirements of the company. The company was asked to provide documentation," Sanchez says.
He says that employees say that they were asked for documentation when they started work, but because of temporary visas or permits, it's necessary for the company to keep records updated.
"Their main worry was that their manager told them that they were not going to be paid if they didn't provide all of their papers, but they seem to comply right now," Sanchez says.
He couldn't say if all the employees would return, but he did say the company is working to resolve the issue. So for this company, it's back to business.
"I do know that the company is going to work with them, with those who need the help and it's going to find a way to keep production going," Sanchez says.