Woman arrested for shooting tire on Fed Ex van

Woman arrested for shooting tire on Fed Ex van

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Batesville police arrested a woman after she reportedly shot the tire of a FedEx van.

According to Independence County court documents, FedEx driver Rodney Davis said he was driving on Gap Road Thursday when he got behind a black Ford Expedition.

Davis said the SUV was driving around 30 mph on the wrong side of the road.

Davis followed the SUV until they reached Mountain Ridge Road.

That's when the driver, later identified as Dawn Renee Kieffer, slammed on her brakes and motioned for Davis' van to pass her.

Davis told police the road had a double yellow line, making it a non-passing zone, so he did not pass.

The documents state Kieffer then got out of her car and pointed a handgun at Davis, but didn't fire it.

Then Kieffer "cocked the barrel of the weapon back and shot" at the van four times.

Davis said he drove off and then called 911.

While Davis was on the phone with dispatch, Kieffer called in too.

She told a dispatcher she just "shot out the tires of a vehicle that was following her."

Dispatchers attempted to get her to stop, but Kieffer said she would not stop until she got to Cleburne County or if an officer would get behind her.

In the meantime, Batesville Police Officer Jeremy Gamso saw Kieffer's vehicle speeding on Harrison Street.

Gamso and three other officers stopped Kieffer at the Harrison Street Church of Christ.

Officers took Kieffer into custody.

They also found a Kel-Tec .38 pistol in the passenger seat of the SUV and noticed one spent round on the driver's side.

During the arrest, Kieffer shouted out "I was shooting at his f**king tire," according to the court documents.

Police also found a suspected marijuana cigarette in the vehicle.

On the FedEx van, officers found a bullet hole in the front bumper and a bullet in the front tire.

Davis took officers to the scene of the shooting, but police were unable to find any shell casings.

They did notice several areas "where a gun may have been fired into the pavement."

Officer Gamso said when he placed Kieffer in his vehicle, she admitted to him multiple times she fired a weapon at the van driven by Davis.

Kieffer appeared in Independence County Circuit Court on Friday.

She was charged with a terroristic act, a class B felony, and given a $150,000 bond.

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