Offbeat: Star Wars Collector

May 15, 2005--posted at 10:45 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro-- Christopher Clark may not be on the "dark side," but does have an unnatural ability at collecting all things Star Wars.  "I've been a star wars fan for a very long time and been collecting since 1992," said Clark.  "This month alone I've added 400 action figures to my collection."

His collection consists of thousands of Empire items, from Darth Tater, snack foods, to action figures both in and out of the box. Clark was born just a month before the original Empire Strikes back hit theaters, but didn't start his collection until much later.

"I remember bits and pieces from very young," said Clark. "My older relatives would give me their toys and it started that way. "I bought a few action figures then books and toys that interested me most. I picked my favorite characters then added more and more."

Clark has a vintage Star Wars pinball machine, an original Atari arcade video game, and even has his very own Storm Trooper suit he wears to various events. Chris says he will never sell his collection, hoping to keep in the family.