Emergency responders rush to Valley View campus

Emergency responders rush to Valley View campus for mock drill
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 students got a sobering look at the consequences of drinking and driving.

A mock drill took place on Wednesday on the Valley View campus in Jonesboro.

The Jonesboro Police Department, Jonesboro and Bono Fire Departments, Emerson Ambulance and Hospital Wing all participated in the event.

Emergency responders flew onto the scene, sirens blazing.

Freshman Abigail Davis said it made an impact.

"People need to see what will happen," Davis said. "And the consequences if they do that kind of thing."

Freshman Anna-Marie Wright agreed.

"I think it's a really good experience," Wright said. "I think a lot of times kids my age, when you think of a crash or the effects of drunk driving you don't think about, you don't have a visual of the effects that it could have on a person. And the fact that people are gathering together and talking about it, it raises awareness for that."

Students watched as an injured driver was treated on scene and then taken away by ambulance.

They also witnessed the drunk driver being arrested by the Jonesboro Police Department.

"I think other schools should do this," Davis said. "Just because people can get wrapped up in this thing pretty quick and just need to see what could happen. What the possibilities are and what road it could lead towards."

"When I'm driving I don't think about the effects that a car can have on me or that I can have on someone else. And so I think when we do this, people will start saying oh, if I were to drink I could cause someone else's life to be harmed and the same goes for myself."

A mock drill was done early in the morning for high school students and then again in the afternoon for the junior high students.

"I think it's good because people are coming together and raising awareness," Wright said. "Raising awareness about the effect drunk driving can have on people all around and how it can happen to any one of us if we make one bad decision. And so, they are encouraging us not to do that and to make the right choices."

Both Davis and Wright said they've learned a lot.

"I think that we definitely won't drink and drive after seeing and experiencing this visual accident," Wright said. "And we see how our choices affect others and not only ourselves."

"I think I will learn what not to do," Davis said. "And what could happen if you do that, definitely."

Around one thousand students got to witness the mock drill.

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