A Better Region 8: Stepping away from Facebook until after election

A Better Region 8: Stepping away from Facebook until after election

I am seriously cutting back on Facebook until after the November 8th election. In fact, I'm considering stepping away completely until then.

There is an underlying current in our country right now.

In a recent Region 8 News story, Psychologist Dr. Kristin Addison-Brown said her older, adult patients are suffering from stress due to the upcoming November election.

It seems to me that Americans of all ages and walks of life are suffering from a collective anxiety and are taking to social media as a relief valve.

People are angrier. They're posting things that may or may not be true just to show their viewpoint, and baiting each other into petty arguments on Facebook.

These days if we post something we believe in or politely disagree on a friend's post, everything spins widely out of control and turns to vicious attacks just for seeing things a different way. And it's happening more and more on posts that don't even have anything to do with the election. 

This is not good for our country. We need to expect better of ourselves and each other. So in the meantime, I'm laying low.

Disagreement is okay as long as it's respectful.

Being patient with those who disagree with you, being aware that this is happening and taking a breath when you see something on social media that you don't agree with makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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