Wynne Student Council shirts cause stir

Make Wynne great again

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - Students on the Wynne High School Student Council designed shirts that are causing a stir in the community.

The shirts have "Make Wynne Great Again" printed on them.

The slogan was meant to be a play on Donald Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again."

Students said they thought it would be a funny play on words with the upcoming election.

However, it is causing some controversy. One student said she even feels harassed by members of the community.

"It's not meant to hurt anybody's feelings or make it look like we're all for one candidate because we're not," said Tamia White.

"I don't really think it reflects what decisions we're going to make during voting, it was just a spoof off of a slogan," said Jaden Hill.

Many of the students added they are not yet old enough to vote and said they did not have any motive in pushing either candidate.

"We never would have imagined that it would have made such a big deal," said Brittney McCay.

"That shirt has nothing to do with how I'm going to get into college, that shirt has nothing to do with how I'm going to get a job," said Tamia White. "I feel like you should be worrying more about the child itself, instead of the t-shirt on the child."

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