Job Market Bleak For College Grads

May 16, 2005 – Posted at 4:21 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO -- For college students, graduation is the light at the end of the tunnel.
After spending four years in school--and in some cases, more--it's time to face the real world. Gone are the days of spring break, sleeping in and all-nighters.
And it's a harsh reality of 401-K's, new deadlines and some guy named FICA who takes all your money. But the first challenge graduates face is finding a job.
“It's not easy at all, there's a lot of jobs open, but coming just out of college, you don't have a lot of experience, so it's hard to get a good job,” said Brandi Wade, who graduated last December.
Welcome to the reality check, and guess what, employment trends are on the decline.
“You just have to get out there and market yourself. That’s the main thing,” said Ember Foster, who graduated this May, “You have to show that you are interested.”
There are plenty of resources for college graduates to use when searching for that perfect job including the Internet, and even books such as Job Hunting for Dummies.
“I didn't know what to do with myself at night. I didn’t have homework, so I have a lot of free time,” said Wade.
But plenty of free time to find her dream job.
Wade was a Community and Regional Economic Development major...something that is hard to find a career in. Currently she works at the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce.
“When the right job comes, I’ll get it,” said Wade.
But she's not alone in the hunt.
“I have a lot of friends who are still looking, and they are defiantly getting discouraged. But they will find something,” said Wade.
Foster is one of the rare ones...she actually has a job lined up after she finishes her masters this fall.
“Career services was really useful,” said Foster, “If I hadn't gone onto Smoke Signals and looked at all that stuff, you know, it could have been a lot harder. I was very pleased with how smoothly everything went.”
And there are plenty of graduates looking for jobs. ASU graduated more than 1,000 students last week.