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Voter Guide: Arkansas ballot Issue 6

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On Election Day, voters will see two proposals to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas. However, votes for only one proposal will be counted.

The state Supreme Court threw out Issue 7 on the November ballot, leaving Issue 6 as the sole measure seeking to legalize medical marijuana.

Since the ruling, however, came after the ballots were finalized, voters will still see Issue 7 on the ballot but the votes won’t be counted.

Issue 6 is known as the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. It seeks to legalize marijuana for medical use in Arkansas by amending the state constitution.

If it passes, Issue 6 would legalize marijuana for 17 qualifying conditions. The measure would also allow the state to establish and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

Tax money collected through the sale of medicinal marijuana would be used to cover the administration costs and then help fund vocational and technical schools, workforce training programs, the Department of Health, the Alcohol Beverage Control board, the Medical Marijuana Commission and the general fund.

Even though Issue 6 is a constitutional amendment, the measure would allow state lawmakers to amend sections of the amendment. It would not, however, let lawmakers delegalize medical marijuana or change the number of dispensaries.

Popular Name:

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016

Official Ballot:

To read the full ballot title, click here.

What Does Your Vote Mean?

Voting “yes” on Issue 6 means you support legalizing medical marijuana for 17 qualifying conditions, creating a Medical Marijuana Commission and allowing tax revenue for technical schools and the general fund.

Voting “no” on Issue 6 means you oppose the amendment to legalize medical marijuana.

Key Difference Between Issue 6 and 7:

Issues 6 and 7 were similar but differed in many areas.

Issue 7 would have changed Arkansas law, not the state constitution. While lawmakers would be able to change parts of the amendment under Issue 6, Issue 7 would be easier to modify.

A huge debate surrounds the “grow your own” sections of the proposals.

Issue 6 would not allow patients to grow their own marijuana, but Issue 7 would have allowed patients who live more than 20 miles from a dispensary to grow their own marijuana.

Another key difference: local power over dispensaries. Issue 6 would allow voters to ban dispensaries and facilities in their community. Issue 7 had no provision for local prohibition. has a full breakdown of the difference between Issues 6 and 7. For more information, click here.

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