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Marquand, MO

400-Pound Black Bear Killed in Southeast Missouri

MAY 17, 2005 - Posted at 3:38 p.m. CDT


MARQUAND, MO - A southeast Missouri landowner won't face charges after shooting and killing a 400-pound black bear, saying he was afraid the animal was going to attack his dog.

The male bear was found dead yesterday near Marquand, in Madison County.  It had been shot three times with a .22-caliber rifle on Sunday.

It is illegal to kill black bears in Missouri, but conservation officials say the man who shot the bear was protecting his property.

The bear first showed up at the man's house Saturday night.  The man ran the bear off after it ripped boards off a shed as it tried to get to animal feed.

The animal returned a day later and appeared to threaten the man's dog.

The black bear is the smallest bear in North America and the only one native to Missouri.

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