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Jonesboro, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

Officials Meet to Discuss Future of Transportation in Area

Posted 5:00 pm CDT


Jonesboro, AR--The Jonesboro Metropolitan Planning Organization recently approved their budget for the next fiscal year.  The group is in charge of recommending and implementing traffic designs and flow control.  Their area consists ofJonesboro and the surrounding towns across Craighead, but does not extend to Paragould.


On this year’s agenda is polling business owners along Caraway as to their opposition to changes along the road to make traffic smoother.  Officials say the changes would in no way hurt business owners business, but would make traffic along the road smoother and safer.


Officials also talked about a proposed walk and bike trail through the city.  Existing trails could be connected, according to officials, making a massive trail that could get residents in the city to almost anywhere without using their vehicle.


While the group’s jurisdiction does not extend out to Paragould some state officials did show a presentation that could benefit both Jonesboro and Paragould.  The state officials say a promising study shows that a road connecting Hwy. 49 to Hwy. 18 could help facilitate in and out traffic into Paragould while keeping heavy traffic from eighteen wheelers and other vehicles out of the Jonesboro city limits.


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