ASU Campus Police Are Cruisin' With New Ride

May 18, 2005 – Posted at 4:15 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO, AR -- Any college student knows, traipsing across campus can be tough. And when your school is as spread out as Arkansas State University, getting from one side to another can be time consuming. Campus police face the same challenge... but a new device is making the trek a little easier.
It's called the Segway Human Transporter.
“It gets us out from behind the windshields of cars and gets us more involved and interacting with students and faculty out here on the campus,” said ASU Campus Police Chief Jim Chapman.
And it's become part of the fleet for campus police at Arkansas State University.
“The machine is very stable, it's comfortable to ride, and like I say, our guys have not found anyplace on this campus yet they can't go with it,” said Chapman.
One of the most unique things about Segway, it's one of the only ones you'll find on a college campus used by law enforcement in the state of Arkansas.
For about 10 to 20 cents worth of electricity...the Segway will run 25 miles or for 12 hours.
“If we are inside the building and the batteries are going dead, we can pretty much unplug any computer monitor and use that cord to charge us up for about 15 to 20 minutes and we're back on it,” said Chapman.
With speeds up to 13 miles per hour, it makes the officer's jobs a little easier.
“You get less fatigued and you can cover more territory for just patrolling campuses and checking buildings or whatever may be,” said Officer Bill Brown, “During activities, you're taller than everybody else, so you can see over everybody.”
But it does take some getting used to.
“When you first get on it, it's going to buck like a horse. you're going to think it won't stand up, but the second time you get on, it's fun. The third time you get on, it's about like walking,” said Brown.
A Segway like the one ASU has costs about $5,000 dollars and weighs only 93 pounds.